What makes Smart Brain and Health unique?

  • Over 15 years of unparalleled experience in TMS Therapy
  • Ongoing research and partnerships with world class universities, such as Harvard, in the development of emerging TMS applications
  • Leader in utilizing Neuronavigation and state of the art imaging techniques including fMRI and PET/CT to precisely target TMS Therapy
  • Smart Brain and Health has demonstrated a higher percentage response to TMS Therapy, resulting in better long term results and durability

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?

TMS is the first FDA-cleared treatment for depression that does not require surgery or medication and is safe and effective without the side effects associated with most antidepressants.

This means there is no weight gain, sexual dysfunction, sedation, memory impairment, or insomnia.

What is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Technology ? "See the Thinking Brain" ™

Smart Brain and Health fMRI technology is a ground breaking tool used to accurately target areas of the brain for TMS Therapy.

We have achieved ultimate results treating patients suffering from depression and other brain disorders using patented fMRI paradigms and procedures.

What is Targeted TMS Therapy with Neuronavigation ? "GPS for the Brain"™

With Neuronavigation, our team of physicians canprecisely target the brain for TMS Therapy.

In conjunction with the fMRI images, the Neuronavigation system allows us to see through the scalp, skull, and brain so trajectories can be planned. Neuronavigation allows our physicians to confidently and precisely place the TMS magnet on the patient's scalp for successful treatment.

Read Our Patient Testimonials

C. G.
“I went to Smart Brain after spending a month in bed. Prior to that, I had spent many months in bed, unable to even care for my children. What did it feel like? A slow walk through Hell. Depression had dogged my steps for years and now I was medication resistant. Fortunately, I was eventually referred to my doctor. He sent me for the shock treatments which helped for six months.
When the depression returned, I went back to see my doctor, who told me the FDA had approved a new procedure using powerful magnets. There were no side effects, such as memory loss, that come with shock treatments. I dragged myself into Smart Brain the very next week and was greeted by a very caring staff. I spent 40 minutes there and did the same everyday for a month. It worked. I’ve now been depression free for two years. For anyone suffering from severe depression, Smart Brain should be at the top of your list of options. I might not be here enjoying life without it.”
K. M.
“Smart Brain and Health and its employees completely transformed my life. My depression was at an all time high. I was spending most of my time laying in bed staring at the wall. I felt so disconnected to everything and everyone. Trying to take on any task was painful. Also, I suffered greatly from both auditory and visual hallucinations, and had been suffering from them for 5 years at that point.
With the TMS treatments my depression went away and so did the auditory and visual hallucinations. Yes, I did cut way down on my medication use, but I still have to take some medication for my condition. I will, on occasion, have an auditory hallucination or a visual hallucination, but it’s very rare now. That to me is outstanding!
Now, I have a new life after this treatment – I read books, go to the gym, clean my home, drive my car, take trips with my husband and I’ve taken a Thai fruit carving class and I’m currently in the process of taking a sewing class. Life is great!”

Treating Depression with TMS Therapy

Are you suffering from depression?

Depression affects over 50 million Americans and is the leading cause of disability in the United States.

Symptoms vary from person to person but may include a persistent loss of interest and/or pleasure in routine activities, feelings of hopelessness, and decreased energy.

Smart Brain and Health is the leader in administering TMS Therapy for depression. Our exclusive techniques, utilized to precisely target the brain for TMS Therapy, have demonstrated a significantly higher remission rate than other TMS treatment centers throughout the United States.

CLICK HERE to read more about the symptoms of depression and how Smart Brain and Health's advanced techniques can help.

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