The ZeroRad™ Full Body MRI Scan – the no radiation preventive imaging screening tool

Imagine if one image could save your life…

With the ZeroRad™ Full Body MRI Scan one diagnostic image (with no radiation exposure) can detect the earliest stages of life threatening diseases, such as cancer, stroke, coronary artery disease and Alzheimer’s, before symptoms appear.
Developed by Dr. Bradley Jabour and his team at Medical Imaging Center of Southern California (MICSC), the ZeroRad™ Scan is a non-invasive screening tool that provides a series of images allowing us to take a 3D tour inside your brain, heart and body with no exposure to radiation.
As part of the ZeroRad™ Scan, Dr. Jabour will customize a preventive imaging program for you based on a comprehensive health assessment of your age, gender, family and medical history, and lifestyle risk factors.
The ZeroRad™ Scan screens your entire body from your head to your thighs and detects abnormalities such as cancer, tumors, spinal disc diseases and gallstones. In addition to MRIs of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, the ZeroRad™ Scan includes an MRI of Breast for women and a multi-parametric MRI of the Prostate for men.
Dr. Jabour has also pioneered the use of functional MRI of the brain (fmri) which allows us to ‘See the Thinking Brain’. Functional MRI shows the brain’s electronic footprint and the different patterns associated with normal versus abnormal findings that are seen in patients with depression, Alzheimer’s, OCD, traumatic brain injury and sports injuries such as football concussions.
The Scan takes approximately two hours and once you’ve had your scans, you immediately meet with Dr. Jabour to discuss all findings and review your images. We also provide a comprehensive folder containing all reports and key images, which can be used to make positive lifestyle decisions that will impact your long-term health.
With the ZeroRad™ Scan, early detection means early intervention, and this will provide you with peace of mind in your quest to live a long and healthy life.
Contact us today for more information on The ZeroRad™ Scan and how one image could save your life.

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