fMRI & Neuronavigation

Smart Brain and Health utilizes the most advanced brain imaging (fMRI) and Neuronavigation techniques to treat TMS patients by targeting specific regions of the brain.

This accurate targeting of specific brain locations results in a higher percentage of positive patient responses to TMS Therapy. In addition, this leads to better long-term outcomes and durability.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) technology – We “See the Thinking Brain”™

What separates Smart Brain and Health from all other TMS centers?

Smart Brain and Health’s fMRI technology is a ground breaking tool used to accurately target areas of the brain that are affected by or involved with brain diseases. Beyond a traditional MRI scan, fMRI is one of the most advanced techniques that shows brain activity in real time, allowing us to truly “See the Thinking Brain.”™

Using patented fMRI paradigms and procedures, Smart Brain and Health has achieved optimal results in treating patients for various brain disorders.

Neuronavigation – “GPS for the Brain”™

The Smart Brain and Health Neuronavigation system allows our team of physicians to precisely target any location of the brain for TMS Therapy. In contrast, the standard TMS protocols can result in a one to two centimeter difference, yielding a lower response to TMS Therapy.

With Neuronavigation precision, Smart Brain and Health has demonstrated a higher percentage of positive patient responses to TMS Therapy resulting in better long-term results and durability.

In conjunction with the fMRI images, the Neuronavigation system allows us to see through the scalp, skull and brain so that trajectories can be planned. This ensures that our physicians can confidently and precisely position the TMS magnet on the patient’s scalp for successful treatment.