Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Testimonial by Patient Treated by Bradley A. Jabour, M.D. at Smart Brain and Health Advanced Neuro Therapeutics

Smart Brain and Health has successfully treated hundreds of patients struggling with depression, anxiety and other psychiatric issues at Medical Imaging Center of Southern California in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Bradley A. Jabour has pioneered targeted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment using patented Neuronavigation™. Below is a testimonial written by a TMS patient.
  Neuro Therapeutics “I’ve received TMS with Smart Brain and Dr. Bradley A. Jabour 3 times. I was able to get off 90% of my medication the first time around. The first time, the sessions are not predetermined, as it is impossible to know how quickly one will respond and if one will respond (I think it’s around 75%, higher than other facilities because they Neuronavigate™ the location(s) to treat prior to each treatment…no other facility in this country Neuronavigates™). I had either 20 or 25 sessions. I had an anxiety disorder some ruminating thoughts associated with the generalized anxiety and panic attacks. I also was depressed (subjectively I think this was because I was having such a difficult time managing the anxiety). I noticed changes after session 6, but everyone is different. I thought the staff back in 2013, and more recently in 2015, were so polite and caring. I had ‘booster’ sessions of TMS for 2 weeks about 2 months ago. Again, after 6 sessions, due to my neuroplasticity I gained in the treated regions from the previous TMS, I had tremendous results after only one week – 6 sessions. My mind is quiet. I can concentrate more. I’m just not feeling my irrational feelings of fright anymore. TMS does work! And it is such a great alternative to medicine. Seriously.
  • No side effects.
  • Totally safe.
  • You can even do 2 sessions in one day.
Dr. Bradley Jabour and (his staff) go above and beyond. I met with Dr. Bradley Jabour twice, after each fMRI, and we thoroughly discussed my symptoms and how I was responding. His knowledge base on this treatment is truly phenomenal and he does take a considerable amount of time each time we meet. His entire imaging staff (is) so friendly and accommodating. You can heal there. Do not hesitate to try TMS here. I hope everyone that reads this finds comfort in knowing that they can feel better, a lot better! Smart Brain and Health is the best location to receive TMS. Again, no other facility in the country does the fMRI and Neuronavigation. It is not a cookie cutter treatment. Entirely individualized.”
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