About Dr. Bradley A. Jabour, CEO and Chief of Radiology – Medical Imaging Center of Southern California

For more than 25 years, Medical Imaging Center of Southern California has been home to a talented group of board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists, innovative imaging techniques, and state-of-the-art technology. Bradley A. Jabour, M.D. is the sole owner, CEO, and Chief of Radiology of the following businesses located in Santa Monica, CA:
  • Medical Imaging Center of Southern California – a premier multi-modality outpatient imaging facility
  • Directed Interventional Surgery Center – an outpatient surgery center which uses minimally invasive techniques and image guiding to perform outpatient surgery
  • Smart Brain and Health – advanced neuro therapeutic techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of various neurological disorders
  • Women’s Imaging at Medical Imaging – a center dedicated to women’s health issues
  • Prostate MRI Health – a highly-specialized, non-invasive prostate MRI exam that scans for prostate abnormalities
  • Smart Heart and Health – a concierge-style preventive imaging company that has developed the ZeroRad™ Full Body MRI, a no-radiation screening that detects diseases before the onset of symptoms
Dr. Bradley A. Jabour is an internationally recognized Neuroradiologist with more than 25 years of experience in academic and clinical practice. He completed his Fellowship in Neuroradiology at the UCLA Medical Center, where he also served on the Faculty of Radiology in Head and Neck. In 1991, Dr. Jabour received the prestigious Certificate of Merit Award from the Radiological Society of North America for his research in defining the role of PET scanning in detecting and diagnosing cancer in the extracranial head and neck. Since 2002, Dr. Jabour pioneered the expanding role of functional MRI’s (fMRI) in evaluating neurological disorders including brain degeneration, traumatic brain injury, and neuropsychiatric disorders. In addition, Dr. Jabour gained national recognition for developing new techniques in cancer imaging in the head and neck using PET/CT and MRI. Dr. Bradley Jabour has developed highly specialized scans such as the ZeroRad™ Full Body MRI, the multiparametric MRI of the prostate (mpMRI Prostate), and the Functional MRI (fMRI), which allows Smart Brain physicians to “See the Thinking Brain™.” In addition to being a sought-after lecturer, Dr. Jabour has appeared on various popular television shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors as a featured medical expert. For more information on Dr. Jabour or Medical Imaging and its associate companies, visit www.smartbrainandhealth.com or call 310.829.9788.
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