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Smart Brain and Health

Neuroimaging located in Santa Monica, CA & Beverly Hills, CA


Leader in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Bradley A. Jabour, M.D.

Bradley A. Jabour, M.D. is the founder and medical director of Smart Brain and Health. Dr. Jabour is a senior member of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR), having completed neuroradiology fellowships both at USC and a second year at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where he was an attending professor in neuroradiology.

Dr. Jabour initiated the use of functional MRI in the detection and management of various neuropsychiatric disorders such as Depression and OCD. His company Smart Brain and Health has pioneered the use of stereotactic neuronavigation techniques, usually used in neurosurgery, to more accurately target selected regions in the brain in order to more effectively target Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

Dr. Jabour has also founded multiple other affiliate companies such as Medical Imaging Center of Southern California, Smart Heart and Health, Women’s Imaging at Medical Imaging Center, and Directed Interventional Surgery Center (DISC).

Email: marlenmoreno@micsc.com or call (310) 829-9788. 

Visit our website www.prostatemrihealth.com

Meet Our Specialist Physicians


Bradley A. Jabour, M.D.



Allen S. Chroman, M.D.

Consultant Psychiatrist


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TMS Can Help Reset Depressed Brain Activity

Depression affects over 14 million American adults on any given year and advances in brain imaging techniques have demonstrated that depression is largely caused by nerve cell under-activity in the frontal region of the brain.

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