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Additional Testimonials


Read what our patients have to say about receiving their TMS Therapy at Smart Brain and Health Smart Brain and Health patients treated for Major Depressive Disorder with TMS Therapy

C. G. - "I went to Smart Brain after spending a month in bed. Prior to that, I had spent many months in bed, unable to even care for my children. What did it feel like? A slow walk through Hell. Depression had dogged my steps for years and now I was medication resistant. Fortunately, I was eventually referred to Dr. Robert Gerner. He sent me for the shock treatments which helped for six months.

When the depression returned, I went back to see Dr. Gerner who told me the FDA had approved a new procedure using powerful magnets. There were no side effects, such as memory loss, that come with shock treatments. I dragged myself into Smart Brain the very next week and was greeted by a very caring staff. I spent 40 minutes there and did the same every day for a month. It worked. I've now been depression free for two years. For anyone suffering from severe depression, Smart Brain should be at the top of your list of options. I might not be here enjoying life without it."

Smart Brain and Health patient treated for Auditory Hallucinations and Major Depressive Disorder with TMS Therapy

K. M. - "Smart Brain and Health and its employees completely transformed my life. My depression was at an all time high. I was spending most of my time laying in bed staring at the wall. I felt so disconnected to everything and everyone. Trying to take on any task was painful. Also, I suffered greatly from both auditory and visual hallucinations and had been suffering from them for 5 years at that point.

With the TMS treatments my depression went away and so did the auditory and visual hallucinations. Yes, I did cut way down on my medication use, but I still have to take some medication for my condition. I will, on occasion, have an auditory hallucination or a visual hallucination, but it's very rare now. That to me is outstanding!

Now, I have a new life after this treatment - I read books, go to the gym, clean my home, drive my car, take trips with my husband and I've taken a Thai fruit carving class and I'm currently in the process of taking a sewing class. Life is great!"

More Success Stories from our Patients

J.B. - "My experience at Smart Brain was fantastic. I went in scared and tired of dealing with my condition. I left happier than I've ever been. Thanks to the staff! They were so caring and considerate to my needs."

M.C. - "After 20 years of suffering from OCD and taking numerous medications, finally I had some relief from symptoms that were intruding on my way of life. My TMS treatments have really not only helped me, but helped the people around me who have had to equally deal with the condition and its negative effects on my personality. Thank you Smart Brain!"

D.G. - "With a triple Diagnosis of Anxiety, Depression, and OCD, I thought there was no hope. I loved the techs at Smart Brain. They were there for me on a daily basis and really cared about each patient."

L.F. - "They were very organized and kind. My treating physician took extra time to listen to all my issues I was dealing with outside of treatment. They go above and beyond to keep their patients happy."

R.N. - "Just having a chance to interact with people that understand my disorder is good enough for me. Thank you for being there for me and doing your best to get me better :) "

M.C. - "Depression is so hard to handle. TMS therapy really helped me get back on my feet and back into the world. After about 16 treatments, I was already starting to feel better."

C.K. - "Every time I'd walk in, the staff was smiling and greeted me with a positive attitude! They had cookies and chocolates with coffee. Just a little reminder of how much they want their patients to be comfortable and have an overall good experience."

M.P. - "It's like a fog has been lifted from the front of my mind. I'm now able to focus completely on the things I need to accomplish and that I love to do without medication. Peace!"

J.G. - "I met Dr. Jabour! He was so sweet and caring. It was an honor to meet such an intelligent doctor who took extra time to review my images and explain what the disorder actually is."

S.B. - "My sleepless nights have finally come to an end! Because my condition is now under control, I am able to get better sleep and hit the snooze button. Thank you Smart Brain and Health staff!"

R.S. - "I want to thank you and everyone in the office for being so helpful, patient and friendly during my treatments. I have been doing really well and don't even feel that I have OCD anymore. The work your office does is amazing."

R.G - "To me, this is a convenient procedure to treat my condition. The staff here was very helpful, made me feel comfortable, and accommodating to all of my needs. The treatment was somewhat painful and surprising at first, but I got used to the magnetic pulses within a week so it was no longer a big deal. I do not feel any side effects and look to continue to make progress moving forward."

A.C - " During this treatment I have experienced since I've been here a magnificent change. I feel this treatment has helped me and will continue to help me. The staff here where amazing and did an excellent job. My experience here has been wonderful, no improvement needed."

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